Mobile drive



Electric mobile drive, continuous running (air cooled) with 230 V/50 Hz incl. 4m cable and earthed socket, max. 6 kg service weight. Accident prevention system using using two interlinked power switches in handles and automatic electrical cutoff once infinitely variable adjustable torque of between 30 and 130 Nm has been reached. Counter for right-hand and left-hand running with reset button. Accessories from A bis M


Weight:5,5 kg
Torque:30-130 Nm
Width x height:640 x 300 mm
power cable4m lang
Rated voltage230V, 50Hz
Rated current5,6A
Power rating:1200W
Nominal speed:75 rpm
 1. Two power switches
2. Infinitely variable potentiometer
3. Revolution counter
4 . Reset button counter
5 . Alignment spirit level
6 . Secured tool square end size 19

1.Two power switches
2.Infinitely variable potentiometer
3.Revolution counter
4.Reset button counter
5. Alignment spirit level
6.Secured tool square end size 19

A.Adapter for square cap 27/32
B. Telescopic wrench handle
C.Adapter for 19mm wrench
D.Adapter for 27mm wrench
E.3-spoked handwheel receptacle
F.4-spoked handwheel receptacle
G.5-spoked handwheel receptacle
H.Aluminium machine case
I.V2A foot stands above 100 Nm
J.V2A sack barrow
K.Emergency generator 2 kW/32 kg
L.Higher torques up to 180 Nm
M.Wrench adapters 12-27

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