Our company presentation

ABS Armaturen is a leading manufacturer of penstocks.

All ABS products are designed, produced and assembled in accordance with current DIN19569-T4/ DIN19704 valve and fitting standards. We achieve a sustainable, guaranteed, high-quality level using the ISO9001 quality management system. ABS- Armaturen is present in a further 11 EU countries through its exclusive representatives. Our service includes qualified, technical on-site consultation up to maintenance contracts lasting several years. You will find ABS products in sewage works, rainwater retention, road drainage, flood control, hydraulic steel structures and everywhere where water and wastewater flows in a controlled manner...

  • Partner:
    Mr Udo Dieme
  • Managing Director:
    Mr Udo Dieme
  • Authorized Representative:
    Mrs Angela Dieme
  • Founded:
  • District Court:
    Bad Oeynhausen (HRB 3417)
  • Staff:
    ca. 30
  • Preparation:
    Penstocks up to approx 10m x 5m
  • Annual production:
    about 4500 penstocks

Our Impressions

  • Material management

    1. Stainless storage racks for pipes, shafts from 3 up to 6 m long, etc.
    2. Plastic pallets for in-works transport
    3. Paternoster for flat rubber rolled goods
  • Cutting

    1. 3 toggle lever punches for miscellaneous sealing profiles, also for bevelled c
    2. Sawn cuts up to Ø280mm in stainless steel
    3. Sliding table saws for aluminium and plastic panels
    4. Truing thickness planing machine for timber and plastic
    5. Portable plasma cutter up to 12 mm stainless steel thickness
  • Deburring machine

    1. Environment-friendly de-burring of stainless steel parts
    2. up to 350L or 800kg im approx. 20min cycles
    3. in highly soundproofed enclosed housing
    4. with built-in separate dust extraction
  • Straight-line edging machine

    1. Straight-line edging machine, oscillating,
    2. Creates universal chamfer angle from 0 up to 60°
    3. without length limitation using open frames
    4. permissible for stainless steel welded seam preparati
  • Deforming

    1. Hydraulic mechanical press brake
    2. NC-controlled, completely hydraulic 4-roller circular bending machine incl. conical bending
    3. CNC-controlled, completely hydraulic 4-roller circular bending machine incl. conical bending 
    4. Straightening press and flame straightening
  • Welding

    1. 5 plug welding table with 2 stretching tool trolleys
    2. 4 stainless steel grating tube welding tables
    3. 1 NC-controlled, swivelling positioner
    4. 4 inert arc welding machines
    5. 3 MAG impulse welding machines
  • Surfaces

    1. Wet glass bead blasting machine
    2. Blasting material settling tank with collection reservoir
    3. Radial blasting room extraction with stainless steel cyclops for blasting residue recovery
    4. Frequency-controlled compressor
    5. 2 controlled blasting machines with 500 L boiler for water and glass beads
    6. Piston compressor with compressed air refrigeration dryer for breathing air in blasting helmet
  • Mechanical treatmen I

    1. 2 post drills and threadcutting machines
    2. Electromechanical keyseating machine
    3. Universal milling machine
    4. 2 lathes
  • Mechanical treatment II

    1. Whirling machine
    2. for the manufacture of trapezoidal thread spindles
    3. up to Tr180mm x 6000mm long
    4. with minimum lubrication
  • Final assembly

    1. Six stainless steel tables with rollers
    2. Eight completely-fitted tool trolleys
    3. Four manual threadcutting machines
    4. 10 impact wrenches
    5. Four profile seal cutters
  • Transport

    1. Hall bridge crane 10 t
    2. Welding crane equipment 1 t
    3. Blasting equipment crane 1 t
    4. Forklift 3 t
    5. electric pedestrian stackers 1 t
    6. 2 lifting trucks 2 t
    7. Scissor lift 1 t
  • Assembly

    1. 2x fitters vans
    2. div. pipe seal plugs (DN200-DN1500)
    3. 1x diamond drilling machine
    4. div. battery drills bulli